Thursday, September 12, 2013

Science Is...

Science is,
the indefinite search for truth,
the why, when, how, and where.

Science is above us,
below us,
and is us!

Science is the hot stars,
the unique planets, the speedy comets,
and the empty, dark space between them.

Science is the beating heart,
the inflating lungs, the flexing muscles,
and the arteries connecting them.

Science is the erupting volcano,
the spinning tornado, the howling blizzards,
and the mighty hurricane.

Science is the green grass,
the soaring redwoods, the beautiful daisies,
and photosynthesis that gives them life.

Science is our curiosity, acquired knowledge,
future discoveries, creative innovation,
and the newest ideas.

Science is the gas,
to drive our desire to know all,
learn the universe’s secrets,
and know,
the unknown.
-- Joseph Gashinsky

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Sister

I remember the day she came into the world
as good as yesterday.
She was born bigger than me
and heavier too.
Over the years she introduced herself to me
and I found out who she is.

Smart, loving, annoying is my sister.
Her mouth speaks fiction
and hides the real truth.

Skinny, short, hair in braids is my sister.
She has a sweet tooth
and it’s desire never ends.

Stubborn, loud, energetic is my sister.
She is a bug that flies around me
agitating me in everyway possible.

Fast, zippy, witty is my sister.
She has talent in the sport of soccer
and is skilled in the art of drawing.

Though she’s an energetic, lying fly,
I love my sister.
She makes me laugh when I’m blue
and she’s always there for me.
-- Joseph Gashinsky

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Little Blue Dot

In the world beyond our sight
There are extraordinary creatures
And other unique extra-terrestrials
But we humans
Live on what we call Earth
Or what they call
The little blue dot.
-- Joseph Gashinsky

Friday, January 06, 2012


The melodious blow
The pumping of adrenaline
Stomping herd of bulls charging
You fake
Then twist
Little space to break out
But you're through
The stone stuck to your foot
The drops of sweat
Slithering down your face
The ball is booted
Soaring like a plane
And the ever so
of swishing
is heard.
- Joseph Gashinsky